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Starts: November 4, 2003
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*Jess' socks in Scheepjes Invicta Coloris colour 1702, November 13/03

*Skull scarf birthday-present project, my pattern using Wool Gatto, November 2/03

*Toe-up Socks in Opal Mexico #21, November 1/03

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*Must-Have Cardigan in Naturespun, started September 16/03

*Jess' socks--the sequel in Regia Stretch Colour #88, started November ?/03

*Lovely Lavold Vest (aka Culdesac), in Araucania Nature Wool in Allspice, started November 3/03

*Silly Scarf in Colinette One Zero, Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon and Fizz and Salsa, started November 18/03

*First Draft of my Dissertation: Representations of Health in Canadian Women's Magazines started far too long ago

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*St. Brigid
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*Childhood jacket for Emma
*Classic Aran
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Friday, October 24, 2003


Warm and Cozy

So, the car is better, and I got a bunch of knitting in on the scarf. I have one more stripe to do and I can get to the skulls--this time I'm sure it's long enough. I don't think I'll bring it to the cottage because I want something easy. I might cast on some socks or a booga bag, I'll see what I'm in the mood for later. It will be nice to sit in front of the woodstove, looking at the lake and fall colours and knit away on something mindless--it's been a hectic week.

Yesterday I mentioned that I knit up a little something for Emma. Here's the story.

A few days back, on a chilly morning, we were outside and Emma said, "I wish I had a nosewarmer." I didn't say much, but remembered Amy's nose-warmer pattern. So I took some Cascade fixation leftovers and made one up. Emma loves it. She wears it home from daycare and caught a lot of eyes. She asked: "Why do people keep staring at me?" I told her it's because she has such a cool nosewarmer. And she was happy with that answer. It's become a permanent fixture in her wardrobe, doubling as a headband (like a teeny hat) when she's inside. Here she is in her warm-nosed glory (and yes that's a faux-leopard coat she's wearing):

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Remote Post

I'm presently at my Uncle's auto garage getting a load of work done on my car. So no more yarn for me for a while (sigh). He's a fair and reasonable mechanic, and the work (brakes, struts, timing belt) need to be done so that's how it goes.

I finished the left front of my must-have cardi last night and the ribbing of the right front. After a few tries of setting the cable pattern, while watching Law & Order, I gave up and went to bed. I must learn not to start anything complicated that late at night--it never works.

Now I'm trying to do some thesis reading instead of knitting the scarf. It's noisy in the shop so I'm not having a lot of luck, hence the blogging. When I get home I'll post some pictures, including a little something I whipped up for Emma yesterday on my lunch break.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Not to be a joiner or anything...

But after seeing Kathy's, Booga J's, Theresa's, Ginny's and now Amy's ab fab Charlotte Web Shawls, I can't stand it anymore--I'm getting one.

I've been thinking about making one all summer, and I'm tired of seeing all these great shawls, tempting me, saying knit me, knit me now. The two reasons I want to knit this (because I'm sure not a shawl person): I've never knit lace and I want to try it, and it's koigu and I love koigu. And, hey Charlotte is my middle name (really) and Charlotte's Web is an excellent book. See Steph justify. Justify Steph, Justify

So, in a fit of impulsiveness I wrote to the guys at Threadbear and asked that they suggest some colour combinations. I'm thinking something in purples, blues and berry colours. I'll see what they come up with. That's really what's been holding me back--choosing the colours. It's almost impossible trying to match up those little screen shots and I haven't had time to track down a physical source of the stuff and play with the skeins. And I'm horribly indecisive when it comes to colour. I'm happy to be led along on this one.

With dreams of koigu in my head, I've also made progress on my must-have cardi. No mistakes last night, and I'm up to the armhole/neck shaping.

If my place wasn't a total disaster I would have got more accomplished. It's cheesy but someone on the knitlist always says: housework whenever, knitting forever--I just add, and some thesis too.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Good and Bad

The zipper is in! I redid the machine side by hand and it worked perfectly. I probably won't wear it zipped too often (except when I'm outside) so I'm not stressing about the stripes not matching up. Here's the finished product:

When it's unzipped it looks the same as it always did:

Even though I really wanted to start something new (like Culdesac or a Booga Bag) I worked on my Must Have Cardi instead. I was really getting into it and almost made it to the armhole decreases when I realized I made a mistake. Way down. So I had to rip out everything I did and some from the day before. I managed to get back to my starting place last night before I went to bed. Nothing like working hard to make no progress. No biggie; I snuck in a few rows this morning and here it is:

Monday, October 20, 2003


Me and My Sewing Machine... not get along. Last night was no exception. I spent the evening trying to put a zipper into Rosedale. My first attempt went poorly and I had to carefully rip the whole thing out. I then re-consulted my Vogue Knitting book and decided to sew it down by hand on the wrong side before using the machine. That was 50% right. I still might rip that side out. The sewing machine seems to flatten the knitting too much and the zipper gets all wavy and the facing is wonky. On the other side I sewed the whole thing by hand and it worked rather nicely. Can you tell which side is which? Roll over the photo for the answer.

The bad one is on your right--beside the pink intarsia block

There really isn't much difference, but I can see it. I just have to decide if it really bothers me. If so, then, out comes the stitch ripper to pick out all the machine knit stitches and an old-fashioned needle and thread to sew it back in. Since I never have luck with machine-sewing (my machine is old and I never really learned how to use it), it is liberating to sew by hand. I have control over the work and it's much more like knitting--which is what I would rather be doing.

By the way, I didn't go buy the Kilim Jacket Kit. I don't have the cash right now, and I know I can always get it later. Craig reads this blog sometimes...maybe he'll get the hint (he never knows what to get me for Christmas).

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