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Starts: November 4, 2003
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*First Draft of my Dissertation: Representations of Health in Canadian Women's Magazines started far too long ago

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*St. Brigid
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Friday, September 12, 2003

I got one of those tags on my door saying the post-office was by and couldn't deliver my package. Our street is closed to traffic because they're tearing the whole thing up for repairs so there are no deliveries (for 6 weeks--even pizza--yikes!) I'm thinking this is my yummy Kureyon that Theresa is forwarding to me. I have to wait until after 1pm to pick it up and the anticipation is killing me! That being said, it better be yarn or other knitting goodies (not some credit card or who knows what) or I'll be rather disappointed.

Not much on the knitting front; I'm still crocheting my Koigu sweater together. I went out for beers with some friends last night so no time to knit. Today I'm still nursing this cold and getting ready for the "get rid of all that baby stuff" garage sale tomorrow. It feels great to have the basement cleared out of all the gear that you need with a baby. I'm not the least bit nostalgic about the stuff. Maybe that's because I have room to put up my "yarn pantry" now.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Crochet Koigu

Last night I sat with my fabulous mom and learned to crochet the pieces of my koigu sweater together. It looked rather easy--you put the hook through one loop of the cast of edge of each should for instance--and then single crochet them together. Well, as with all new things, it's not as easy as it looks and it's taking me forever. I have both shoulders and one sleeve done, and so I'm looking at the weekend before this baby is finished (I have the neck to do too). I love the crochet edge though. It makes a nice neat chain at the seam. Here's a crappy picture--my auto-focus camera goes nutty at the site of Koigu--it doesn't know what to focus on:

The letter-carrier also brought me these yesterday from a lovely seller named Mary .

The e-bay price was right, so I snatched this set up. I was intrigued with the Denise set since I read Amy's review in the summer Knitty. I haven't had a chance to try them, though I played with them to see how they snapped together--very clever. So I'll write a review as soon as I get a chance. I have an old Boye Needlemaster set which I paid too much for and don't like so I'm hoping these are better.

Finally to Rob: You have no shame. I like that

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Emma had a great first day of school. I went to the school and lurked across the street to see her come off the bus and play in the yard until the bell rang. Then she instinctively knew to line up and follow the other kids in--it was super cute. Later, she couldn't stop talking about all the things she did, the kids she met and the classroom. It's so nice to see her happy. I think daycare wasn't challenging her anymore and this is just what she needs. She was just as excited today--another school lover in the family--hooray.

Not much to report on the knitting front. I did some work on the cashmere scarf and I'm in love. There will be a cashmere sweater in my future--someday. But right now I can't help scheming about future projects. I have a healthy stash of winter projects (I tend to stash in projects, not in yarn) but I keep reading blogs and seeing new things I want to make. I think I will dive right into my Kureyon coat when all that arrives (I'm anxiously awaiting the letter carrier every day!), but I also want to make a Charlotte's Web shawl. For some reason I really like that pattern even though I couldn't ever imagine myself in a shawl. What's up with that? I could see myself wearing it, huddled up at the computer slogging away at my thesis. A thesis-shawl--now there's an idea.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My cashmere adventure did not start so well. I think it must be me, but I always have trouble with my ball winder and swift. The skein ended up in a huge tangled mess that took half an hour to undo. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I better find out soon or I'm throwing the gadgets in the garbage and hand-wind the balls. I suppose it could be that the hank was tangled, but I'll never know.

But once I had a nice little ball, I parked myself on the couch, turned on the tube (sheesh, there's really nothing good on TV) and accomplished this:

I love it. The cashmere is like butta. It's sooooooo soft and makes a lovely fabric. I wasn't sure about the colour at first, but I'm starting to love it. It's totally my colours and will look great with my winter coat, and my jean jacket.

I have to say, this wasn't the crazy-expensive project you all think it might be. I bought the skein on e-bay from a Canadian seller (just search for cashmere yarn and you'll find her) and the scarf will cost me less using this cashmere than in Noro's Silk Garden. Just a little enabling for all you out there!

In other news, Emma was so excited today for her first day of school I thought she was going to burst. She looked so cute in her new outfit, hello kitty backpack and big smile. She told me when I dropped her at daycare that's she's so happy. So sweet. She's taking the bus from daycare so I won't be taking her, but I think I'm going to walk over to the school and hide across the street to watch her on her big day. I loved (still love) school so I think I'm just as excited as she is!

Monday, September 08, 2003


This is cashmere:

I bought this one, so soft, lovely, hand-painted, 350 yard skein on e-bay last year. I've waited for it to speak to me and tell me what it wanted to be. Now, I think it will become a multi-directional scarf using this pattern. I think it will be perfect--the cashmere will be close to my face so I can revel in it's softness and the pattern should enhance the hand-painted hues.

My koigu sweater is almost done. Everything is being blocked, and mom arrives tomorrow and will help me crochet the pieces together. Then only the neck to do and I'm wearing this baby. (Well except we're having a heat-wave this week--poop!)

It was not a very knitty weekend because I had to wedding to attend, and I have a wicked cold. I even started to drift off while finishing the koigu sleeves. Tonight, if my head doesn't explode I'm making an easy dinner, getting everything ready for Emma's first day of school (yikes! We're both soooo excited) and then I'm starting on that cashmere.

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