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Starts: November 4, 2003
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Friday, May 23, 2003


Bon Voyage

I'll have a drink for you all

If you look very carefully, you can see me waving. See you in 10 days.

I finished my Mexico Shrug this morning and I am quite pleased with it. It will be just what I need to cover my shoulders *if* the weather is cool. I even took the unusual step of taking some pics of me in it (wearing my favourite fancy shirt). I'm rather self-critical of pictures of myself--but many of you share, so what the hell.

I'm smiling because I leave tomorrow

The attached i-cord worked great. I think I would make it wider (I used 4 stitches) or do two rows like blogdogblog (sorry I don't know your name!) just to hold it on a bit better. There really isn't much to this shrug. I now want to make something else with ruffles--maybe a tank with a ruffle bottom. I have three skeins of the padua left, which likely isn't enough, so I'll look for some other cotton sport weight when I return.

I decided to risk it and take my knitting with me on the plane. I will use my 2.25mm (US 1) bamboo needles and knit some socks. Taking a bunch of tips from knitlisters, I will also:
1. leave my work on a holder and pack my needles deep in my carry on bag (also, if they're confiscated I can keep the yarn),
2. pack my 12" addi circular in my luggage if I want to knit in Mexico (VERY unlikely, but since we're expecting lots of rain I can always knit in a bar)
3. Put a self-addressed, stamped envelope in my carry-on; I might be able to mail my needles home if I can't take them
Wish me luck! I feel so brazen, flaunting laws (something I have done before, especially when their silly ones).

Thursday, May 22, 2003


Attached I-Cord

I decided to use the attached i-cord to finish my Mexico Shrug. I really like how this looks--the finished edge looks so neat. I might also use this to finish sitcom chic. The first picture shows the edge on the sleeve portion (which has a SSK raglan shaping) and the second shows the start at the back of the neck.

Here's how it's done:
1. With dpn, cast on 3 or 4 sts, then pick up and knit 1 st along edge of piece--4 or 5 sts.
2. Slide sts to opposite end of dpn and k2 or k3, then k2tog through the back of loops, pick and k1 from edge.
Rep row 2.

I also discovered that I won't be able to knit on the airplane on our trip to Mexico. I emailed the airline and they said no. My travel agent said no. Transport Canada says no. (I was looking for the answer I wanted!). A bunch of Canadians on the knitting lists said they were able to knit on the plane using wooden/plastic needles, but others said they couldn't. With the security concerns in the USA I don't want to get booted from the plane, so I think I'll buy some knitting magazines and read them on the plane, or at least I'll try since I usually find it difficult to read in the air. I'm bringing my socks on the 2.5 mm 12" addi circulars in my checked baggage, just in case I can knit on the way home. Someone suggested making teeny socks with toothpicks (since they're allowed) or knitting with pens, but I can't be bothered.

Though it made me think about why pens are okay and knitting needles aren't. If anyone's seen GoodFellas or Gross Point Blank you'd know what I mean. (Joe Pesci and John Cusack both brutally murder people with regular pens in these movies). I can't recall any murder or mayham from knitting needles. I mean, I'm too busy knitting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


I'm Rested

I went to the cottage this weekend and had a nice, relaxing time. I walked in the woods, played with the kids, saw Matrix Reloaded, and got to knit a bunch. I finished one sleeve for sitcom chic and have half of the other completed. I unfortunately dubbed this "my ugly sweater" not because of the pattern--which I love, but because of the yarn colour (magenta). What was I thinking? I don't really look good in this colour, nor does it match with anything in my closet (well, except black).

Wait! I remember what I was thinking...I thought I would get out of my black/tan/denim clothing colour scheme...I'm not convinced yet.

I used the magic loop to do the sleeves and I think I like it. It seems like I'm spending a lot of time pushing stitches onto the right needle, but the results look good and it's easy to travel with. The addi's make a huge difference too. I might try the two circs method next, it might be faster. But I still don't mind double points.

Before I went away I blocked my Mexico shrug.

Mexico Shrug

I will be putting it together this week since we leave on Saturday. I'm also going to get some socks on the needles so that I have some knitting for the airport/airplane. I'm pretty sure there will be no knitting in Mexico, what with the sunbathing/ drinking/ dancing/ touring/ sex and everything!

By the way, the paper went great. The audience was really receptive and gave me some great feedback. I want to work the paper into my thesis today. I have a feeling I've fucked up my first thesis chapter deadline. I don't see myself getting the chapter done before I leave. I have a lot to write and a lot of trip stuff to do. Ah well, I'm not going to stress too much about it. The trick is to do what I can and do it everyday.

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