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Thursday, May 08, 2003


Frustration Subsides

I'm feeling much better today. The sewing machine is back in the basement where it belongs and I've stopped cursing. The basic bag is completed and accompanied me to the mall for a very successful "let's get clothes for Mexico" excursion. The first sleeve of my Mexico shrug is almost complete and I actually want to work on my Method Chapter today. Now, if I could only get to bed at a decent hour I would be extra happy.

Here's a few pictures of the bag:

Nifty Lining

Would I knit another one? Maybe. Making the 6 foot strap was a bit boring, but the bag is nice. I really do like it. It would have to be for someone I really like. And, I have so many other projects on the go, and in the stash.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003



Spent last night trying to line my Basic Bag. Making the lining went fairly well but putting in a zipper was a fucking disaster. I made great friends with the stitch ripper last night taking the thing apart about 10 fucking times. I went to bed at 11:30 in disgust.

With a fresh disposition and lots of tea I got back to it this morning (I know I should be doing my thesis) and after taking it apart 2 more times, I decided the zipper is not going to work. The bag is soft and crumply and the zipper makes the top too straight ruining the look of the bag. It might be my pathetic sewing ability, or the zipper might be too stiff, but whatever, it is, the bag can't handle another round with the ripper. I just sewed the lining in without the zipper and it looks fine. I just have to put the button and the straps on and it will be done. I won't be doing that tonight though--I'm still too pissed at the bag to touch it. When the bag and I make up, I'll post a picture.

Monday, May 05, 2003


Holy Procrastination Batman!

I should be working on my method chapter, but instead took a quiz to find out important things about myself:

You're Daphne!

Who 's Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick ?
brought to you by Quizilla

The internet is so tempting when one wants to avoid work.

This weekend was really productive knitting-wise. I have my "Your Basic Bag" stitched up and I just have to put the lining in. This involves using the sewing machine--not my favourite thing to do. I consider myself a pretty good knitter, but my sewing sucks. I'm so ambitious with this project that I'm even attempting to put a zipper in on the bag. I need the bag to close at the top so that all my stuff doesn't go flying around when my kids get their hands on my purse (trust me, it's happened). Here's the bag in it's almost-finished state. The bright stuff is the lining fabric, and the lovely bone button has a nice flower engraved on it (it might not show in the photo)

hope I don't screw up the sewing!

As promised, I also have a photo of my new tension-increasing way of holding the yarn. It might not be new to you, but it has changed my knitting for the good. Instead of doing a bunch of gauge swatches (like 5) to find the right needle size, I'm usually right on, or have to go down one. My stitches also look nice and even, and the purls are better. The only real difference is that the yarn in looped over my pinkie before being looped over my index finger. I knit continental/left-hand carry because I'm left handed. I'm still trying to master the right-hand carry for two-handed fair isle.

look mom, tighter tension!

Incidentally, I'm knitting my mexico shrug sleeve in the picture. I am very sure it will be done for my trip. Which we booked on Friday. I have the picture taped to my shelf so I can glance at it while I work.

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