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Starts: November 4, 2003
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*Jess' socks in Scheepjes Invicta Coloris colour 1702, November 13/03

*Skull scarf birthday-present project, my pattern using Wool Gatto, November 2/03

*Toe-up Socks in Opal Mexico #21, November 1/03

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*Must-Have Cardigan in Naturespun, started September 16/03

*Jess' socks--the sequel in Regia Stretch Colour #88, started November ?/03

*Lovely Lavold Vest (aka Culdesac), in Araucania Nature Wool in Allspice, started November 3/03

*Silly Scarf in Colinette One Zero, Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon and Fizz and Salsa, started November 18/03

*First Draft of my Dissertation: Representations of Health in Canadian Women's Magazines started far too long ago

I wish I had time to knit:

*St. Brigid
*My Noro Entrelac Jacket
*Childhood jacket for Emma
*Classic Aran
for Xander from The Children's Collection

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*Viking Patterns for Knitters Elsebeth Lavold
*The Purl Stitch Sally Melville
*The Children's Collection
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Thursday, April 17, 2003


I've found my birthday present:

I love this jacket. Though I must admit I'm still deciding on colour. This night sky colourway is grabbing me right now, but I also like the dark jewels too. Any suggestions? My birthday isn't until July, but I generally can't think of anything I want, so having something in mind is good.

Reading Wendy's blog has made me want to try a fair isle. And, Sarah's blog pointed the way to Philosopher's Wool. I've done a philosopher's pattern before and it turned out great. (My mom has it because it was too small for me, but that's a story for another day--I'm still bitter about it since it was my own damned fault). But that was years ago, and I think this summer it might be time to try again.

Tomorrow I'm off to Mom & Dad's for Easter. It will be nice for the kids to see them and my Memere (their great-grandmother). I'll also get to sleep in and knit a whole bunch--Hooray!

And, I'll have to show Mom the Kilim picture!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Welcome to my started objects pile:


Let me give you a tour:

Black long thingie: strap from Your Basic Bag from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience. It is in garter stitch using Paton's Fresco and has to be 74 inches long! It is the strap and bottom of the bag.

Seed stitch brownish thing: Able using Rowan Summer Tweed.

Pink: Sitcom chic from Knitty. I started this one last night, and it's the one I want to work on right now (so I'm running with that).

Multicoloured: Koigu sweater. I have both sleeves done on this one so it's not that bad!

I have to thank Wendy for the great tip on how to attach a marker to circular knitting (check out her blog by clicking the blinking button). I'll be putting it on my koigu creation once I pick it up again.

In thesis news, I did make some progress there because I didn't start anything new. I set myself a deadline to finish my method chapter:

!!!!!! May 15, 2003 !!!!!!

I've been focused on getting it done. So far, so good...

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Received my package from Elann. The letter carrier must think I'm running some weird home business--I'm always getting packages. Inside was two balls of Fortissima Colori 1000 sock yarn and Schaffhauser Eviva to make Sitcom Chic from the spring Knitty. Of course I want to swatch it NOW! I started, but realized after a few rows that the 5mm needles are too big. But instead of running downstairs and getting smaller needles, I am showing great restraint and after this I will start reading Qualitative Media Analysis and get some work done on my method chapter.

I finished the second sleeve of my Koigu sweater from Vogue Knitting Fall 2002 and immediately cast on the 246 stitches for the body. I took the advice I found on some great knitter's blog (can't remember who) and put a marker every 20 stitches. I ran out after 200 stitches, but counting up was a cinch! I even got to knit a row before bed. I might actually get this baby done. (Well, that is, if I don't keep starting new projects).

Monday, April 14, 2003

Beauty Queen

Coming down the catwalk, wearing a fanciful creation, knit by her lovely mother, Miss Emma is sporting the newest in ballet-wear for the four-year-old set. Her classic pink leotard and tights are jazzed up by this kicky fun fur ensemble. The skirt and shrug are knit in Patons ChaCha eyelash yarn, seen here in the colour Bebop. Emma will be wowing the girls in ballet class today for sure!

This was Saturday--her first ballet class. Emma was the only girl at dance class without the gauzy skirt! She was so happy with the outfit she wore it all weekend. There's nothing like having your knits appreciated.

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