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Starts: November 4, 2003
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*Jess' socks in Scheepjes Invicta Coloris colour 1702, November 13/03

*Skull scarf birthday-present project, my pattern using Wool Gatto, November 2/03

*Toe-up Socks in Opal Mexico #21, November 1/03

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*Must-Have Cardigan in Naturespun, started September 16/03

*Jess' socks--the sequel in Regia Stretch Colour #88, started November ?/03

*Lovely Lavold Vest (aka Culdesac), in Araucania Nature Wool in Allspice, started November 3/03

*Silly Scarf in Colinette One Zero, Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon and Fizz and Salsa, started November 18/03

*First Draft of my Dissertation: Representations of Health in Canadian Women's Magazines started far too long ago

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*St. Brigid
*My Noro Entrelac Jacket
*Childhood jacket for Emma
*Classic Aran
for Xander from The Children's Collection

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*Viking Patterns for Knitters Elsebeth Lavold
*The Purl Stitch Sally Melville
*The Children's Collection
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Friday, March 28, 2003

Hooray! I got gauge! After my fifth swatch I got it to work on 3.75 mm needles, after blocking. Able is on the needles. I only got 5 rows done before I started falling asleep, but it's started. Summer tweed is a bit tough on the hand though (70% silk/30% cotton) my thumbs are sore today. All the thesis typing isn't helping either.

Hi Karen in Korea!

(I said I'd leave a message).

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well, today has not been a productive knitting day. It was a fairly productive thesis day though. I'm giving a paper next Wednesday based on one aspect of the thesis and I can see it taking shape.

While I was thinking about my work I was also trying to swatch Rowan summer tweed to make this sweater called "Able".

Able/Rowan Summer Tweed

Pretty eh? Mine will be in Reed, not Raffia as pictured.

The swatching did not go well. I went down to 4mm needles from 5mm because I know I have loose tension, but that didn't work. Then I had the funny feeling that the called for moss stitch was NOT what I think of as seed stitch (k1p1 one row, p1 k1 next row, repeat), so I knit in American style Moss (k1 p1 for 2 rows, then p1 k1 for two rows). That didn't look right. Then after some advice from two local yarn shops (I even spoke to someone British) and a lovely Australian via knitlist I realized that Moss stitch in Britain and the "colonies" (hee hee) is the same as American seed stitch. So I did another swatch but didn't get the gauge--sh*t. Now I'm down to 3.75mm needles and hoping this will work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I found buttons. They aren't exactly what I wanted (I would have preferred dark wood a la Mission Falls buttons) but Xander isn't going to stop growing anytime soon so I decided these will do for now. I also included a funnily-coloured photo of the jacket so you could see the garter stitch detail better, but the colour on Xander is much truer to life. It looks nice on him and that's what matters.

Xander-BabySize 2-4 Einstein

I found this yesterday and it made me smile. It makes me think of all those lovely sheep out there working hard to make me wool! Especially right now as I work on my Koigu sweater. It is soooooooo beautiful. I'm using 6 different varigated dyelots. It is too bad it will be too warm to wear it when I get it done. I'll post a picture of it in progress soon.

For some reason I thought this was funny

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

10 inches L X 7 inches W

I finished the deco-ribbon bag last night and I'm ambivalent about it. I made this to try out the ribbon and found it hurt my hands. I could only knit it in small stretches. I love the look, but don't think I want to make a whole sweater with it. I will have to line the bag to keep it from stretching. It grows when anything heavy is in it. I think I'll add it to my gift stash.

Regia Ringel Socks

Thought I would add this picture too. I made these for my son for Christmas, and never took a picture of them. They're very cute, but too small (two-year-old's feet grow very fast). I thought I would immortalize them here before I put them away.

Now I only have two projects on the needles. I should work on the koigu sweater but I have the urge to swatch the yummy summer tweed I have in my stash. I'll have to see how the dissertation writing goes today: If I'm productive maybe the swatch can be my reward. I have to get over my writing block or I'll never get this thing done. It's funny, I've been knitting and blogging and working on short projects because I have the NEED to complete things. Must be some sub-conscious expression of my tension/guilt/desire to finish this PhD.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Fruitloop jacket

Isn't she cute?

My daughter wore her Fruitloop coat to daycare today and was gushed over by all the staff. I must admit feeling pretty proud. I'm so glad she likes it and wants to show it off. To give credit where it is due: the pattern is from the Spring Knitty called Joseph. I added the loopy bits.

And, last night, while watching the Oscars I finished my son's Einstein coat. All I need to do is find some buttons. I need a button stash to go with the fiber stash. I should buy nice buttons when I see them, that way I'll be able to finish a piece without another trip out to find those finishing touches.

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